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From the liner notes...

This compilation celebrates the 50th anniversary
of the premier jazz ensemble of the United States
Air Force - the Airmen of Note. Although the "Note"
lists its official date of origin as September 28, 1950,
the band can trace its roots back to that fabulous
group of Army Air Forces musicians that was
organized and led by Major Glenn Miller during
World War II.

The idea behind forming the Airmen of Note came
from Brigadier General Sidney Grubbs, commander
of Headquarters Command at Bolling Air Force Base,
Washington, D.C., and a big Miller fan. At the time,
the United States Air Force Band had a concert band,
a string ensemble, a symphony orchestra, a men's
chorus and a full array of smaller units, but no
swinging big band to entertain the troops at dances
and stage shows.

In the summer of 1950, General Grubbs authorized
the additional personnel and tasked The Air Force
Band's commander, Lieutenant Colonel George S.
Howard, to fill this musical void. Leadership of this
new group fell to Chief Warrant Officer Fred Kepner,
who proceeded to audition more than 200 musicians,
many of whom were top names in their field. Little
did he know, the foundation was established for a
tradition of unparalleled excellence that shows no
signs of waning. For 50 years, the "Note" has
dazzled audiences worldwide with incomparable
live and recorded performances, proudly carrying
Major Miller's legacy into the 21st century.

It is with tremendous gratitude that the Airmen of
Note of today honor their rich musical heritage. This
album of memories is dedicated to each and every
airman who served in "America's Big Band" during
the past 50 years.


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Music In The Air
Chuck Sayre (0:39)
CWO Bob Bunton, Announcer
02 Portrait of New York (~1953)
Arr. Sammy Nestico (6:51)
Street Scene - Alfred Newman
Manhattan - Richard Rogers
Autumn In New York - Vernon Duke
Manhattan Serenade - Louis Alter
New York New York - Leonard Bernstein
03 Walkin' and Swingin' (1954)
Mary Lou Williams (4:12) arr. Sammy Nestico
Bill Duffy, Tenor Saxophone
04 Wagon Wheels (~1955)
Peter DeRose (3:40) arr. Bill Finnegan
Sammy Nestico, Trombone
05 Fawncy Meeting You (~1955)
Neal Hefti (2:10)
Barry Weinstein, Tenor Saxophone
Jim Towsey, Tenor Saxophone
06 Waltz Of The Trumpets (~1955-1966)
Chuck Sayre (1:58)
07 Big Mama Louise (~1968)
Kim Richmond (3:36)
Vince Somma, Trumpet
Gary Scott, Tenor Saxophone
08 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (~1972)
George Bassman (3:15) arr. Phil Wilson
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
09 Salute To Glenn Miller (~1973)
Arr. Sammy Nestico (4:14)
10 The Days Of Wine And Roses (~1974)
Henry Mancini (3:30) arr. Mike Crotty
John Dodge, Tenor Saxophone
11 Half Unison (~1975)
Michael Barone (3:44)
Rick Whitehead, Guitar
12 Till Love Touches Your Life (~1976)
Ortolani/Hamilton (3:03) arr. Bobby Sherwood
Special Guest: Sarah Vaughan, Vocal
13 Grieved We All At Summer's Passing (~1978)
Mike Crotty (4:56)
Roger Hogan, Tenor Saxophone
14 I'll Remember April (~1985)
Gene DePaul/Don Raye (3:27) arr. Mike Crotty
Bobbie McCleary, Vocal
Rick Lillard, Trombone
15 All Or Nothing At All (~1986)
Jack Lawrence (2:51) arr. Mike Crotty
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
Rick Lillard, Trombone
16 Old Man River (~1992)
Jerome Kern (3:07)
Joe Williams, Vocal
17 Change In Elevation (1996)
Mike Crotty (7:10)
Don New, Baritone Saxophone
Doug Elliott, Trombone
18 'Round Midnight (1999)
T. Monk/Cootie Williams (6:00) arr. Alan Baylock
Tracey Wright, Vocal
19 Up, Up, And Away (~1968) (Closing Theme)
Jimmy Webb (3:19)
CWO Bob Bunton, Announcer