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From the liner notes...

In 2010, the Airmen of Note celebrated 60 years as
the premier jazz ensemble of the United States Air
Force.  The band's remarkable success in community
outreach and troop morale initiatives has been enabled
by generations of world-class jazz performers,
composers and arrangers.

This recording presents highlights from these 60
remarkable years.

~  2 0 1 0   P E R S O N N E L ~

Joe Jackson, Director
Dudley Hinote, Manager

Tyler Kuebler, Alto
Andy Axelrad, Alto
Tedd Baker, Tenor
Grant Langford, Tenor
Doug Morgan, Baritone


Brian MacDonald
Kevin Burns
Rich Sigler
Tim Leahey


Joe Jackson
Jeff Martin
Ben Patterson
Dudley Hinote

Geoff Reecer, Guitar
Steve Erickson, Piano
Paul Henry, Bass
David McDonald, Drums

Paige Martin

Alan Baylock





||     PLAY

Sabre Jet  (3:29)  1953
(Sammy Nestico)
Walt Levinsky, Clarinet
Bill Hodges, Trumpet

02 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams  (3:22)  1955
(Barris/Koehler/Moll) arr. Tommy Newsome
Tommy Zang, Vocal
03 One O'Clock Jump  (3:48)  1957
(Count Basie) arr. George West
Tommy Newsome, Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Zottola, Trumpet
George West, Bass Trombone
Don Dempsey, Bass
04 Loch Lomond  (3:19)  1965
(Traditional) arr. Sammy Nestico
Bill Tole, Bass Trombone
05 Them There Eyes  (2:49)  1967
(Pinkard/Tauber/Tracey) arr. Paul Kelly
Bob Mann, Guitar
06 And We Do Love You Madly  (2:44)  1970
(Paul Kondziela)
Ernie Hensley, Alto Saxophone
Ken Smukal, Trumpet
Gary Scott, Tenor Saxophone
07 Uno Mas  (3:51)  1972
(Roger Hogan)
Ken Smukal, Trumpet
Gary Scott, Piccolo
08 God Bless The Child  (7:29)  1974
(Herzog/Holiday) arr. Mike Crotty
Miki Bellamy, Vocal
Mike Smukal, Trombone
Ken Smukal, Trumpet
Ernie Hensley, Alto Saxophone
09 La Fiesta  (4:00)  1974
(Chick Corea) arr Gil Cray
Gil Cray, Piano
10 Blues For Mundy  (4:38)  1977
(Rick Whitehead) arr. Roger Hogan
Rick Whitehead, Guitar
Brent McKesson, Bass
11 And We Will Love Again  (4:30)  1984
(Patrick Williams) arr Gil Cray
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
Judy Steinmeyer, Violin
12 Invitation  (4:03)  1985
(Bronislaw Kaper) arr Mike Crotty
Bobbie McCleay, Vocal
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
13 Night Clouds  (8:25)  1985
(Mike Crotty)
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
Joe Eckert, Soprano Saxophone
14 Naima  (5:23)  1993
(John Coltrane) arr. Mike Crotty
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
15 Never Make Your Move Too Soon  (4:30)  1996
(Hooper/Jennings) arr. Mike Crotty
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Joe Jackson, Trombone
16 Shiny Stockings  (5:15)  2000
(Frank Foster)
Tim Leahey, Trumpet
Steve Erickson, Piano
17 I Love Being Here With You  (3:16)  2007
(Lee/Schluger) arr. Alan Baylock
Paige Martin, Vocal
Tedd Baker, Tenor Saxophone
18 Over The Rainbow  (2:53)  2004
(Arlen/Harburg) arr. Alan Baylock
Brian MacDonald, Trumpet
Kevin Burns, Trumpet