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Musical excerpts from the
public radio series
"Serenade In Blue"

Approximate recording date ~ 1968



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Music In The Air  (:44)

02 Georgy Girl  (2:21)
with Matt Monroe
03 What Child Is This  (2:00)
with Nancy Wilson
04 Cuckoo In The Clock  (3:10)
with The George Shearing Quintet
05 You Think  (3:15)
with Joe Williams
06 Good Things Are Happening  (2:07)
with Grace Markay
07 Yesterday's Heroes  (3:11)
with Lou Rawls
08 Midnight Sun  (3:13)
June Christy
09 The Real American Folk Song  (2:30)
Shelly Mann & His Men
10 Fast Livin' Blues  (4:15)
Jon Hendricks
11 I Only Have Eyes For You  (2:36)
Carmen McRae