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~  P E R S O N N E L  ~

Johnny Osiecki, Director

Don Grossi, Alto
John Dodge, Alto
Tony Osiecki, Tenor
Jim Towsey, Tenor
Frank Denton, Baritone

Vince Somma
Tom Sullivan
Scott Waller
Ken Grasley or Ron Viera

Bill Tole
Cliff Stark
Chuck Sayre
Houghton Peterson

Dick Reitan / Tom Baldwin / Ken Sampson, Piano
Don Dempsey, Bass
Charlie McIlroy, Drums

Jackie Roberts



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USAF Blue (Theme)  (1:34)

02 The One I Love  (2:19)
03 Come Rain Or Come Shine  (3:02)
(Harold Arlen)

Jackie Roberts, Vocal
04 The Continental  (2:28)
05 Loch Lomond  (3:08)
06 Take The "A" Train  (2:12)
(Billy Strayhorn)
07 Guess Who I Saw Today  (3:10)
(Harold Arlen)
Jackie Roberts, Vocal
08 Whistle While You Work  (1:25)
(Frank Churchill)
09 You Make Me Feel So Young  (2:44)
(Josef Myrow/Mack Gordon)
10 Chuck's Tune  (1:57)
(Chuck Sayre)
11 Back In Your Own Back Yard  (2:00)
12 Jazz Suite On Porgy And Bess  (13:40)
(George Gershwin)  arr. Ken Sampson