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Winchester Cathedral   (3:05)
(Geoff Stevens) arr. Tom Baldwin
Bill Booth, Trombone
Tom Baldwin, Piano

02 'Round Midnight   (3:22)
(Williams/Monk) arr. Rick Torcaso
Bob Mann, Guitar
03 Maria  (3:05)
(Leonard Bernstein)
Paul Hubinon, Trumpet
04 When April Comes Again  (3:37)
(Paul Weston) arr. Sammy Nestico
Don Grossi, Alto Saxophone
05 Night Life  (2:25)
(Larry Wilcox)
Vince Somma, Trumpet
06 Meditation   (3:40)
(Jobim) arr. Chuck Sayre
Barry Weinstein, Tenor Saxophone
07 Basically Blues  (7:17)
(Phil Wilson) 
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
08 Lover Man   (3:47)
(Kurt Weill) arr. Kim Richmond
Vince Somma, Trumpet
09 Hard Days Night  (3:18)
(John Lennon)  arr. Tom Baldwin
Bob Mann, Guitar