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From the liner notes...

In closing, let me recall my earlier thoughts
about this band's precision, excellence and
attention to task. It is no secret in this ever
economizing world we live in that music,
particularly taxpayer-funded music, can bear
the brunt of the budgetary axe. The immediate
past commander of the Air Force's 11th Wing,
Colonel Steven A. Roser, (now a Brigadier
General) under whose command the "Note"
resided, had an interesting and so very
appropriate philosophy on the subject. He said
that every day all over the world the Air Force,
in all its guises, performs complicated and
sometimes heroic tasks in the pursuit of
precision and excellence. And whether these
occur in the air, on the ground, on the flight
lines or in countless other ways, very few of
us see, let alone appreciate, the magnitude of
these endeavors. But when we see on the stage,
hear on the radio or watch on the television the
premier jazz ensemble of the United States
Air Force, The Airmen of Note, the become
the visual embodiment, the public's link if you
will, to all others in service to their country
that care as much as they do about excellence
and its attainment. Wise words General Roser.

Paul Anthony
Host, "Jazz Unlimited with Paul Anthony"



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Limehouse Blues  (4:33)
(Philip Braham)
Wade Beach, Piano
Rich Sigler, Trumpet
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone

02 In A Sentimental Mood  (6:10)
(Duke Ellington)
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
03 Never Make Your Move Too Soon
(Stix Hooper / Will Jennings)  (4:28)
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Joe Jackson, Trombone
04 Blues & Beyond  (11:06)
(Mike Crotty)
Wade Beach, Piano
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
05 Rocks In My Bed  (3:11)
(Duke Ellington)
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
Joe Eckert, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Wade Beach, Piano
06 A Change In Elevation  (7:09)
(Mike Crotty)
Don New, Baritone Saxophone
Doug Elliott, Trombone
07 Summertime  (5:20)
(George Gershwin/DuBose Hayward)
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
08 All Blues  (7:10)
(Miles Davis/Oscar Brown Jr.)
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
Wayne Wilkinson, Guitar
09 Lush Life  (7:07)
(Billy Strayhorn)
Doug Elliott, Trombone
10 Speedball  (9:08)
(Lee Morgan)
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
Wayne Wilkinson, Guitar