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Bob Bunton, Director

Prepared exclusively for radio broadcast, this
25 minute program with the Airmen of Note
stars Nancy Wilson and also features The
Doodletown Pipers.

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[ Recorded 1967 ]



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It's The Most Wonderful Time   (2:25)
(Eddie Pola/George Wyle)

Nancy Wilson, Vocal

02 Magic Little Music Box   (2:47)
Nancy Wilson, Vocal
03 We Need A Little Christmas  (2:35)
(Jerry Herman)

Featuring The Doodletown Pipers
04 What Child Is This  (2:14)
(Old English Air (Greensleeves))

Nancy Wilson, Vocal
05 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  (3:30)
(Hugh Martin)

Vince Somma, Trumpet
06 What Are You Doing New Years Eve   (3:55)
(Frank Loesser)

Nancy Wilson, Vocal
07 Go Tell It On The Mountain  (3:00)

Featuring The Doodletown Pipers
08 O Holy Night   (3:10)
(Adolphe Adam)
Nancy Wilson, Vocal
09 Reprise and Sign-Off  (1:53)