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~  P E R S O N N E L   ~

Gene Egge,  Director

Ernie Hensley
Tim Eyermann
John Dodge
Roger Hogan
Dave Napier

Ken Smukal
Jim Lay
Dick Perry
Tim Bowen


Dave Steinmeyer
Jerry Johnson
Mike Smukal
Dave Boyle

Rick Whitehead, Guitar
Dick Reitan, Piano
Brent McKesson, Bass
Dave Palamar, Drums

[ Recorded 1973 ]



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Superstar   (3:30)
(Rice-Webber) arr. Al Capp
John Dodge, Tenor Saxophone

02 I Don't Know How To Love Him   (3:10)
(Rice-Webber) arr. Roger Hogan
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
03 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life  (6:01)
(LeGrand-Bergman)  arr. Benny Carter
Sarah Vaughan, Vocal
04 Salina Came Home  (7:07)
(Williams) arr. Kim Richmond
Tim Eyermann, Alto Saxophone
05 Introduction To CTA  (6:25)
(Terry Kath)  arr. Jerry Johnson
Rick Whitehead, Guitar
Jerry Johnson, Trombone
Dick Perry, Trumpet
06 A Child Is Born   (3:00)
(Thad Jones) arr. Roger Hogan
Ernie Hensley, Alto Saxophone
07 Something  (2:27)
(Lennon-McCartney)   arr. Bill Byers
Sue Raney, Vocal
08 Rose Hips   (3:57)
Bud Brisbois, Trumpet
09 Moonlight Serenade  (3:30)
(Miller-Parrish)  arr. Henry Mancini
Dick Perry, Flugelhorn
Dick Reitan, Piano