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From the liner notes...

Because so much emphasis is put on
improvisation in jazz, an idea has grown
up that jazz is improvisation. It's generally
forgotten that it has roots in ragtime, a
written music, and in Jelly Roll Morton,
who tightly controlled its ensembles.
With the death in early 1993 of Dizzy
Gillespie, it has been widely agreed that
an era has truly ended. The founding fathers
are almost all gone. It is increasingly clear
that a considerable body of composition
has been left by the jazz musician, from
Morton's King Porter Stomp to Wayne
Shorter's Children of the Night, which
opens this set, and more. Repertoire
orchestras have been formed to play the
written jazz of the past. For this album,
Pete BarenBregge, director of the Airmen
of Note, and arranger Mike Crotty have
concentrated on works of some of the
composers of the bebop and post-bebop

...As Stravinsky observed, all music comes
out of the tradition. Jazz has built up a huge
and important tradition of composition,
and some of its legacy is re-examined in
what almost amounts to new compositions,
or at least re-compositions, by Crotty.
This is brilliant playing by a brilliant band
of some outstanding jazz writing.

Gene Lees



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Children of the Night  (9:49)
(Wayne Shorter)
Doug Elliott, Trombone

02 Oleo  (5:03)
(Sonny Rollins)
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
Don New, Baritone Saxophone
Doug Gately, Alto Saxophone
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
03 God Bless The Child  (6:27)
(Arthur Herzog / Billie Holiday)
Nita DeShazior, Vocal
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
04 Four  (6:42)
(Miles Davis)
Doug Elliott, Trombone
Gary Hall, Trombone
Joe Jackson, Trombone
05 Pannonica  (5:51)
Thelonius Monk
Joe Eckert, Alto Saxophone
06 Bloomdido  (4:55)
(Charlie Parker)
Rich Sigler, EVI
Joe Jackson, Trombone
07 Naima  (5:20)
(John Coltrane)
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor
08 Well You Needn't  (3:48)
(Thelonius Monk)
Nita DeShazior, Vocal
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
09 Nardis  (5:37)
(Miles Davis)
Paul Henry, Bass
Rich Sigler, Flugelhorn
10 Joy Spring  (8:01)
(Clifford Brown)
Wayne Wilkenson, Guitar
Rich Sigler, Trumpet
11 Con Alma  (5:30)
(Dizzy Gillespie)
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
Mike Rubin, Piano