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From the liner notes...

The Airmen of Note was formed to carry
on the musical traditions of Major Glenn
Miller's Army Air Forces Band. It was at
Bolling Field in Washington, D.C. that the
Miller AAF Band made its final appearances
in November of 1945. When the Air Force
formed the Airmen of Note in 1950, this
exciting new ensemble picked up where the
Miller AAF Band left off both physically
and musically. No other music has been as
popular or timeless to the Airmen of Note
as the Glenn Miller sound. In the late 1970's
former director CMSgt Dave Steinmeyer
developed a Glenn Miller show for the
Airmen of Note complete with the AAF
"pinks and greens" uniform. Conceived as a
protocol show, this format carried over into
our community relations tours where it met
with resounding approval. In 1982, the
Airmen of Note recorded "The Glenn Miller
Tradition" which was released on LP and
cassette. Because of the immense popularity
of this recording, it was reissued in 1986,
1990 and 1993. In this latest project, the
original recording was digitally remastered
and four new arrangements were added to
the 14 existing selections...

...If I may paraphrase from from the original
liner notes: The purpose of this album is not
to duplicate the original works of the Glenn
Miller Orchestra, but rather to preserve the
spirit and timeless energy that was and is

The Glenn Miller Tradition.

Peter C. BarenBregge, CMSgt, USAF
Director, Airmen of Note



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St. Louis Blues March  (4:20)
(William C. Handy)
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
Lee Lachman, Alto Saxophone

02 My Heart Stood Still  (2:00)
(Richard Rogers / Lorenz Hart)
Bobbie McCleary, Vocal
03 Caribbean Clipper  (2:29)
(Jerry Gray)
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
Rich Sigler, Trumpet
04 Danny Boy  (1:51)
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
05 A String of Pearls  (2:52)
(Jerry Gray )
Gene Gaydos, Alto Saxophone
06 Rhapsody In Blue  (3:02)
(George Gershwin)
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
Vaughn Nark, Flugelhorn
07 Mission To Moscow  (2:27)
(Mel Powell)
Joe Eckert, Clarinet
Mike Rubin, Piano
08 I'll Be Seeing You  (3:16)
(Sammy Fain / Irving Kahal)
Bobbie McCleary, Vocal
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
09 In The Mood  (3:15)
(Joe Garland)
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
Don New, Tenor Saxophone
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
10 Stardust  (3:30)
(Hogey Carmichael)
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
Rich Haering, Trumpet
11 Anvil Chorus  (3:27)
(Giuseppe Verdi)
Don New, Tenoor Saxophone
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
Sydney Lehman, Piano
George Honea, Drums
12 Too Little Time  (3:47)
(Henry Mancini / Don Ray)
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
13 Sun Valley Jump  (5:50)
(Wayne Shorter)
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
Lee Lachman, Clarinet
14 All The Things You Are  (2:18)
(Kern / Hammerstein)
Bobbie McCleary, Vocal
15 Song of the Volga Boatmen  (3:10)
(Russian Folk Song)
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
Rich Sigler, Trumpet
16 At Last  (2:15)
(Harry Warren / Mack Gordon)
Bobbie McCleary, Vocal
17 American Patrol  (3:13)
(Frank Meacham)
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
18 Moonlight Serenade  (3:19)
(Glenn Miller / Mitchell Parish)