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~  P E R S O N N E L ~

Bob Bunton, Director


Don Grossi
Ernie Hensley || Bill McPherson
Gary Scott
Jim Towsey
Dave Napier


Vince Somma
Dick Montz
Scott Waller
Tim Bowen || Steve Wright


Dave Steinmeyer
Bill Booth
Tom Streeter || Ed Green
Gary Ross

Bob Mann, Guitar
Smith Dobson || Tom Baldwin, Piano
Don Dempsey || Brent McKesson, Bass
Pat Shreives, Percussion
Gary Gauger, Drums

Chief Arranger
Tom Baldwin




||     PLAY

Live In Concert - 1968 (25:00)
Recorded May, 1968 at Pottstown, PA High School,
this 25-minute "side" was  tailored for use as a self-
contained radio program.  Presented in its entirety.

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      __ Side 2 __

Windy  (2:33)
(Friedman)  arr. Tom Baldwin
Bob Mann, Guitar

03 Goodbye  (3:04)
(Gordon Jenkins)  arr. Dave Napier
04 Alfie  (2:44)
(Bacharach-David)  arr. Tom Baldwin
Smith Dobson, vocal
05 Straight, No Chaser  (4:28)
(Monk)  arr. Florence
Ernie Hensley, Alto Saxophone
Bill Booth, Trombone
06 Blues For Mother  (3:16)
(Mancini)  arr. Dave Napier
Dave Napier, Baritone Saxophone
07 Blues In A Bottle  (3:09)
(Chuck Sayre)
Vince Somma, Trumpet


      __ Side 3 __

Big Mama Louise  (3:43)
(Kim Richmond)
Gary Scott, Tenor
Vince Somma, Trumpet

09 Chelsea Bridge  (3:03)
(Billy Strayhorn)   arr. Henry Mancini
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
Don Grossi, Alto Saxophone
Smith Dobson, Piano
10 The More I See You  (2:55)
(Warren-Cordon)  arr. Tom Baldwin
Smith "Smitty" Dobson, Vocal
11 One-Two-Three  (2:58)
(Madera-White-Borisff)  arr. Tom Baldwin
Bob Mann, Guitar
Smith Dobson, Organ
12 The Gentle Rain  (4:20)
(Louis Bonfa)  arr. Tom Baldwin
Bob Mann, Guitar
Don Grossi, Alto Flute
13 Potluck  (2:26)
(Art Wiggins)
Gary Scott, Tenor Saxophone


      __ Side 4 __        (All guest vocalists)

Little Brown Jug  (2:15)
Paula Kelly and the Modernaires, vocal

15 Come Rain Or Come Shine  (2:19)
(Arlen/Mercer)  arr. Byers
Arthur Prysock, vocal
16 Misty  (3:18)
Marilyn Maye, vocal
17 In The Sunshine Days  (1:57)
Sandler & Young, vocal
18 Night Life  (2:22)
(Nelson/Baskirk/Greenland)  arr. Mullins
Dottie West, Vocal
19 Wave  (2:14)
(A.C. Jobim)  arr. Bain
Michael Dees, vocal
20 You Be You & I'll Be Me    (2:48)
(Chris Dedrick)
The Free Design, vocal