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Bob Bunton, Director

Live performance - exact personnel not available

Approximate recording date ~1967



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Johnny One Note  (2:27)

02 Free Again  (4:21)
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
03 West Side Story  (6:53)
(Leorard Bernstein)
Gary Scott,  Flute/Clarinet/Alto/Tenor
04 Madison Ave. Suite  (7:06)
05 Them There Eyes   (2:48)
06 When I Look In Your Eyes  (6:04)
arr. Bob Mann
Bob Mann, Guitar
07 Glenn Miller Medley  (5:21)
08 Straight Up And Down  (7:12)
(Mour/Gruder)  arr. Gil Cray
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone