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From the liner notes...

Over the years, the Airmen of Note has
commissioned works from some of the most
acclaimed names in jazz composition. This
project, the first under the new leadership
of the Airmen of Note, is a compilation of
eleven such compositions and arrangements.
Under the combined leadership of  C.E. Askew
and music director Joe Eckert,  the 'Note proudly
extends this Invitation to listen to some of
today's most imaginative writing for big band.


Joe Eckert, Alto
Andy Axelrad, Alto
Tyler Kuebler, Tenor
Saul Miller, Tenor
Don New, Baritone
John DeSalme, Baritone

Brian McDonald, Split Lead
Bruce Gates, Split Lead
Rich Sigler, Jazz
Tim Leahey, Jazz

Joe Jackson, Lead, Jazz
Jeff Martin, Jazz
Ben Patterson, Jazz
Dudley Hinote, Bass

Shawn Purcell, Guitar
Wade Beach, Piano
Paul Henry, Bass
C.E. Askew, Drums
Pat Shrieves, Percussion

Tracey Wright


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It's All Right With Me 
(Wayne Shorter) arr. Tommy Newsom
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
Ben Patterson, Trombone
02 Call Back  (5:53)
(Matt Harris)
Paul Henry, Bass
Tim Leahey, Trumpet
Wade Beach, Piano
03 Too Close For Comfort  (2:37)
(Bock/Holofcener/Weiss) arr. John Fluck
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Rich Sigler, Trumpet
04 Invitation  (7:42)
(Bronislau Kaper) arr. Gary Lindsay
Wade Beach, Piano
Rich Sigler, Flugelhorn
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
05 Body And Soul  (5:11)
(Johnny Green) arr. Matt Harris
Tracey Wright, Vocal
06 Mr. P.C.  (8:02)
(John Coltrane) arr. Rich Shemaria
Tyler Kuebler, Tenor Saxophone
07 The Two Faces Of Emily  (9:15)
(Johnny Mandel) arr. Bob Florence
Wade Beach, Piano
08 Little Sunflower  (7:18)
(Freddie Hubbard) arr. Mike Tomaro
Joe Jackson, Trombone
Tyler Kuebler, Tenor Saxophone
09 Cherokee  (5:47)
(Ray Noble) arr. Peter Herbolzheimer
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
10 Wait And See  (6:06)
(Rob McConnell)
Shawn Purcell, Guitar
Jeff Martin, Trombone
11 Caravan  (8:25)
(Juan Tizol) arr. Chris Sharp
Joe Eckert, Soprano Saxophone
Tim Leahey, Trumpet
C.E. Askew, Drums
Pat Shrieves, Percussion