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Ernie Hensley, Director
Bobbie McCleary, Vocalist

Recorded 1978



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Just In Time   (2:39)
(Jules Styne) arr. Roger Hogan

02 The Way We Were   (4:50)
(M. Hamlisch) arr. Gil Cray
03 Evergreen  (3:41)
(Streisand/Williams) arr. Gil Cray
04 Here's That Rainy Day  (5:19)
(Nan Heusan/Burke) arr. Mike Crotty
Ernie Hensley, Tenor Saxophone
05 I Will Wait For You  (3:56)
(Michel LeGrand)  arr. Mike Crotty
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
06 What Now My Love   (3:11)
(Sigman/Becaud) arr. Gil Cray
07 Masquerade  (5:20)
(Leon Russell)  arr. Gil Cray
Lee Lachman, Alto Saxophone
08 Embraceable You   (4:23)
(Gershwin) arr. Roger Hogan
09 Livin' For The City  (3:15)
(Stevie Wonder)  arr. Gil Cray