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From the liner notes...

On this CD, 14 guests shared in making
the music, each having contributed their
own part to the history of the "Note". I was
particularly honored to have performances
Fred Kepner, the man who first organized
and directed the Airmen of Note in 1950;
Tommy Newsom, saxophonist
extraordinaire and former lead alto of the
Tonight Show Band; and the remarkably
gifted trombonist
Dave Steinmeyer, former
director 1979-1989. The Airmen of Note
also appreciates the donation of time and
contribution of world-class talent from
these alumni who reside in the Washington
D.C. metropolitan area:

Rick Whitehead (Ret) 1969-91
Jim Lay (Ret) 1970-89
Rick Lillard (Ret) 1976-92
Vaughn Nark (Ret) 1978-93
Doug Gately (Ret) 1978-93
Bobbie McCleary 1978-88
Juanita Williams 1990-96
Lee Lachman 1978-83
Tim Eyermann 1971-74
Tom Williams 1981-87

And finally our very special guest, one of
the jazz legends of our time,
Mr. Joe
, who once again honored the
Airmen of Note with his amazing voice.

Pete BarenBregge
Director, Airmen of Note



||     PLAY

Theme  (1:45)
(Robert Crawford)  arr. Fred Kepner
Fred Kepner, Piano

02 The Red Door  (5:49)
(Zoot Sims)  arr. Tommy Newsom
Tommy Newsom, Tenor Saxophone
Wade Beach, Piano
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet, Valve Trombone
C.E. Askew, Drums
03 Chelsea Bridge  (5:25)
(Billy Strayhorn)  arr. Sammy Nestico
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone
04 Sleaze Factor  (6:56)
(Randy Brecker)  arr. Mike Crotty
Joe Eckert, Alto Saxophone
Tim Leahey, Trumpet
05 Yesterdays  (4:30)
(Jerome Kern)  arr. Mike Crotty
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Shawn Purcell, Guitar
06 The Poet  (7:09)
(Mike Crotty)
Dudley Hinote, Bass Trombone
Wade Beach, Piano
07 Filthy McNasty  (5:42)
(Horace Silver)  arr. John Fluck
Tracey Wright, Vocal
Saul Miller, Tenor Saxophone
Rick Lillard, Vocal
Tm Leahey, Trumpet
08 Groovin' High  (6:29)
(Dizzy Gillespie)  arr. John Wasson
Joe Eckert, Alto Saxophone
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
09 This Is All I Ask  (7:07)
(Gordon Jenkins)  arr. Mike Crotty
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
Rick Whitehead, Guitar
10 Mood Indigo  (4:36)
(Duke Ellington)  arr. Mike Crotty
Bobbie McCleary, Vocal
11 Reunion Dues  (6:49)
(Mike Crotty)  arr. Mike Crotty
Tim Leahey, Trumpet
Rick Lillard, Trombone
12 America the Beautiful  (3:23)
(Samuel Ward / Kathleen Bates)
arr. Mike Crotty
Joe Williams, Vocal
Juanita Williams, Vocal
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor Saxophone