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~  P E R S O N N E L  ~

Ernie Hensley, Director

Doug Scarbrough

Ernie Hensley, Alto
Gene Gaydos, Alto
John Dodge, Tenor
Roger Hogan, Tenor
Les Whittington, Baritone

Ken Smukal
Jim Lay
Larry Trautman
Bruce Nelson

Dave Steinmeyer
Gary Hall
Rick Lillard
Mark Madden

Rick Whitehead, Guitar
Gil Cray, Piano
Brent McKesson, Bass
Skip Scheaffer, Drums

[ Recorded 1977 ]



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Apples  (3:47)
(Phil Wilson)
Ernie Hensley, Alto Saxophone

02 Feelings  (4:11)
(Morris Albert)  arr. Paul Rawlins
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
Roger Hogan, Tenor Saxophone
03 Fire  (3:58)
(Ohio Players)  arr. Gil Cray
Roger Hogan, Tenor Saxophone
04 Send In The Clowns  (3:14)
(Steven Sondheim)  arr. Ernie Hensley
Doug Scarbrough, Vocal
05 Butterfly  (4:24)
(Herbie Hancock)  arr. Gil Cray
Roger Hogan, Tenor Saxophone
06 Brian's Song  (2:58)
(Michel LeGrand)  arr. Gil Cray
Jimmy Lay, Trumpet
07 Happy  (2:53)
(Rick Henderson)
Sarah Vaughan, Vocal
08 The Hungry Years  (3:40)
(Sedaka/Greenfield)  arr. Roger Hogan
Doug Scarbrough, Vocal
09 You And I  (3:51)
(Stevie Wonder)  arr. Roger Hogan
Ernie Hensley, Alto Saxophone
10 Getaway  (3:54)
(Earth, Wind and Fire)  arr. Gil Cray
Rick Whitehead, Guitar