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~  P E R S O N N E L ~

Dave Napier, Director

Ernie Hensley, Alto
Gene Gaydos, Alto
John Dodge, Tenor
Roger Hogan, Tenor
Dave Napier, Baritone

Ken Smukal
Jimmy Lay
Dick Perry
Larry Trautman

Dave Steinmeyer
Lee Robertson
Gary Hall
Paul Rawlins

Rick Whitehead, Guitar
Gil Cray, Piano
Ephriam Wolfolk, Bass
Dave Palamar, Drums

[ Recorded 1975 ]



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That's The Way Of The World  (3:35)
(M. White / V. White) arr. D. Wolpe

02 Night Flower  (2:55)
(Henry Mancini)
Ken Smukal, Flugelhorn
03 Sleepy Walk  (5:20)
arr. Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson's tribute to Louis Armstrong
04 Fun Time  (2:45)
(Sammy Nestico)
Gil Cray, Piano
05 Swing Into Spring  (2:00)
(Ralph Burns) arr. E. Schlabach
Ernie Hensley, Clarinet
06 Miss Matazz  (2:35)
(Mike Barone)
Bud Brisbois, Trumpet
07 Chalet Co Win  (2:30)
(Mike Barone)
John Dodge, Tenor Saxophone
08 Dark Orchid  (3:40)
(Sammy Nestico)
John Dodge, Tenor Saxophone
09 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life  (4:05)
(Michel LeGrand) arr. Roger Hogan
Rick Whitehead, Guitar
10 A Medley Of Stevie Wonder Songs  (5:35)
(Stevie Wonder) arr. Gil Cray
11 For Once In My Life  (2:30)
(R.Miller/O.Murden) arr. Gil Cray
Dave Steinmeyer, Vocal  
John Dodge, Tenor Saxophone