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The Airmen of Note, joined by the Air Force Strings
and the Crew Chiefs, faithfully recreate the sound of
the Glenn Miller Army Air Forces Orchestra 1943-1945.

~ Airmen Of Note ~

Joe Eckert, Alto
Andy Axelrad, Alto
Tyler Kuebler, Tenor
Saul Miller, Tenor
Don New, Baritone


Bruce Gates
Rich Sigler
Alan Baylock
Tim Leahey


Joe Jackson
Jeff Martin
Ben Patterson
Dudley Hinote

Shawl Purcell, Guitar
Wade Beach, Piano
Paul Henry, Bass
Pat Shreives, Percussion
C. E. Askew, Drums

Shawl Purcell, Guitar
Wade Beach, Piano
Paul Henry, Bass
Pat Shreives, Percussion
C. E. Askew, Drums

Bobbie McCleary

~ Air Force Strings ~

Mark Helm
Jane Bockenek
Dustin Saam
Timothy Kidder
Deborah Volker
Cleveland Chandler
David Swanson
Alexander Dean
Douglas Ellison
Serge Rizov
Jessica Dan

Donald Harrington
Sharon Bingham
Paul Swantek
Victoria Pride

Christopher Moehlenkamp
Frank McKinster
Erin Eyles

~ The Crew Chiefs ~

Richard Pearson
David Nokes
Russell Colleran
Paul David Farwig



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I Sustain The Wings
(Glenn Miller, John MacGregor, Sol Meyer,
Norman Leyden)
arr. Mel Powell
02 St. Louis Blues March  (4:05)
(William Handy) Arr. Ray McKinley,
Perry Burgett, Jerry Gray
03 Tuxedo Junction  (3:27)
(Erskine Hawkins, w. Johnson, J. Dash)
04 With My Head In The Clouds  (3:12)
(Irving Berlin) arr. Jerry Gray
05 Tail End Charlie  (2:54)
(William Finnegan)
06 Long Ago And Far Away  (3:40)
(Jerome Kern)  lyrics by Ira Gershwin
arr. Norman Leyden
07 Juke Box Saturday Night  (3:20)
(Paul McGrane)  lyrics by Albert Stillman
08 Stardust  (3:39)
(Hoagy Carmichael)
arr. William Finegan, Glenn Miller
09 American Patrol  (3:25)
(F.W. Meacham) arr. Jerry Gray
10 A String Of Pearls  (2:51)
(Jerry Gray)
11 Anvil Chorus  (3:40)
(Giuseppe Verde) arr. Jerry Gray
12 Holiday For Strings  (6:08)
(David Rose) arr. Jerry Gray
13 Over There  (2:05)
(George M. Cohan) arr. Jerry Gray
14 Annie Laurie  (2:44)
(John Douglas Scott) arr. Jerry Gray
15 Accentuate The Positive  (4:52)
(Arlen/Mercer) arr. Jerry Gray, Bill Conway
16 Song Of The Volga Boatmen  (3:16)
(Sigmund Spaeth/C. Deis)  arr. Wm. Finegan
17 Rhapsody In Blue  (2:53)
(George Gershwin)   arr. Wm. Finegan
18 Moonlight Serenade  (2:37)
(Glenn Miller)
19 In The Mood  (3:22)
(Joe Garland)
20 The Army Air Corps Song  (3:48)
(Robert Crawford) arr. Jerry Gray