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From the liner notes...

When the suggestion was made for me
to write a new Christmas album for the
Air Force Band featuring the Airmen
of Note, I was a little bit apprehensive.
After all, for nearly twenty years, I've
been involved in writing arrangements
of "every known Christmas tune" for
various groups in the Air Force Band.
It seemed as if we'd done just about
all there was to do.

However, after some thought, I realized
that in all of these years there never
has been a Christmas album which
truly featured the individual creativity,
as well as the collective versatility, of
the Airmen of Note. So, in writing each
arrangement I've added some twists
and turns to these once familiar songs -
making use of the musical strengths of
each individual, yet maintaining the
sound that has come to be recognized
as the Airmen of Note.

My hope is that you, the listener, will
get as much enjoyment in hearing this
album as I experienced in writing it
and that the fun we had recording these
songs will be shared by you as well.

It has been both a joy and an honor for
me to write for the Airmen of Note for
nearly twenty years. This band has been,
and continues to be, one of the finest
big bands of our time.

Mike Crotty



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Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town  (8:02)
(That awesome dude in the funky red suit)
Haven Gillespie / J. Fred Coots)
Rick Lillard, Trombone, Vocal

02 White Christmas  (4:50)
(Irving Berlin)
Vaughn Nark, Trumpet
Saul Miller, Alto
03 I'll Be Home for Christmas  (4:43)
(Kim Gannon/Walter Kent/Buck Ram)
Nita DeShazior, Vocal
Doug Gately, Tenor
04 O Holy Night  (10:07)
(Adolphe Adam)
Doug Elliott, Trombone
Mike Rubin, Piano
05 Deck The Hall  (6:52)
(Old Welch Air)
Dudley Hinote, Bass Trombone
Paul Henry, Bass
Gary Hall, Trombone
Bruce Gates, Trumpet
06 The Christmas Song  (3:42)
(Mel Torme / Robert Wells)
Pete BarenBregge, Tenor
07 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen  (3:59)
Vaughn Nark, Flugelhorn
08 Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of Year
(Peter McCann)  (5:15)
Nita DeShazior, Vocal
Rich Haering, Trumpet
09 Jingle Bells  (7:23)
(John Pierpont)
Paul Henry, Bass Guitar
Rich Sigler, EVI
C.E. Askew, Drums
Don New, Baritone Saxophone
10 Santa, Bring My Baby Home  (3:52)
(Claude Demetrius/Aaron Schroder)
Nita DeShazior, Vocal
Saul Miller, Alto
11 Silent Night  (5:13)
(Joseph Mohr/Franz Gruber)
Rich Sigler, Flugelhorn
12 What Child Is This?  (6:28)
(Old English Air (Greensleeves))
Rick Whitehead, Guitar
Joe Eckert, Alto