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~   P E R S O N N E L   ~

Bob Bunton, Director

Don Grossi
Kim Richmond
Barry Weinstein
Jim Towsey
Dave Napier

Vince Somma
Paul Hubinon
Scott Waller
Dick Montz


Dave Steinmeyer
Bill Booth
Gary Ross
Ed Green

Bob Mann, Guitar
Tom Baldwin, Piano
Dick Jones, Bass
Charlie McIlroy, Drums

[ Recorded 1966 ]


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Back In Your Own Back Yard
Don Grossi, Alto Saxophone
02 Maria  (2:56)
Paul Hubinon, Trumpet
03 Twisted Blues  (3:04)
(Wes Montgomery)
Bob Mann, Guitar
04 The Way I Feel About You  (4:00)
(Skitch Henderson)
Tom Baldwin, Piano
05 Lover  (1:42)
Barry Weinstein, Tenor Saxophone
06 Serenade In Blue  (1:51)
(Harry Warren)
Vince Somma, Trumpet
Dave Steinmeyer, Trombone
Jim Towsey, Tenor Saxophone
07 Waltz Of The Trumpets  (2:08)
(Chuck Sayre)
08 The Shadow Of Your Smile  (3:22)
Don Grossi, Alto Saxophone
09 The In Crowd  (3:20)
(Billy Page)
Tom Baldwin, Piano
10 My Reverie  (3:39)
(Larry Clinton)
Bob Mann, Guitar
11 London Bridge Is Falling Down  (2:38)
arr. Sammy Nestico
12 Night Life  (3:09)
(Skitch Henderson)
Scott Waller, Trumpet