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From the liner notes...

Latin Jazz first appeared on the scene in the 1930s
and '40s with such artists as Xavier Cugat, Machito
and many others. Brilliant horn sections and hard
driving syncopated rhythms characterized the music.
Over the years, a variety of instrumental combinations
and increased rhythmic complexity have added to the
genre's appeal and sophistication.

The blend of Latin influences on this recording spans
North and South America, Europe, Africa and Cuba.
You'll hear many styles represented including the
classic samba, bossa nova and songo styles from
Brazil, the Afro-Cuban style and the Spanish bolero.
Some of the arrangements are classic in nature, while
others are more modern adaptations of standards,
reflecting the cutting edge of today's Latin jazz. We
hope you enjoy this exciting collection...

~  P E R S O N N E L ~

Joe Eckert, Director / C.E. Askew, Manager

Paige Wroble

Joe Eckert, Alto
Andy Axelrad, Alto
Tedd Baker, Tenor
David Stump, Tenor
Doug Morgan, Baritone


Brian MacDonald
Kevin Burns
Rich Sigler
Tim Leahey


Joe Jackson
Jeff Martin
Ben Patterson
Dudley Hinote

Shawn Purcell, Guitar
Geoff Reecer, Guitar (on 11)
Steve Erickson, Piano
Paul Henry, Bass
Pat Shreives, Percussion
C.E. Askew, Drums



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Out Of This World  (7:03)
(Harold Arlen) arr. Jeff Martin
Rich Sigler, Flugelhorn
Tedd Baker, Tenor Saxophone

02 Bluesette  (5:11)
(Toots Thielmans)  arr. Eric Richards
Paige Wroble, Vocal
Tim Leahey, Flugelhorn
Andy Axelrad, Flute
03 Los Dos Lorettas  (6:35)
(Mike Maineri) arr. Alan Baylock
Shawn Purcell, Guitar
Paul Henry, Bass
04 The Goombay Smash  (7:48)
(Steve Owen)  
Andy Axelrad, Alto Saxophone
05 Lately  (5:42)
(Stevie Wonder) arr. Chuck Loeb
adapt. Alan Baylock
Paige Wroble, Vocal
Tedd Baker, Tenor Saxophone
06 I Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You  (5:59)
(Les McCann/Jon Hendricks) 
arr. Kenny Werner, adapt. Rich Sigler
Paige Wroble, Vocal
Steve Erickson, Piano
Doug Morgan, Baritone Saxophone
07 Annette's For Sure  (7:31)
(Claudio Roditi) arr. Mike Crotty
Rich Sigler, Trumpet
Joe Eckert, Alto Saxophone
Joe Jackson, Trombone
08 Corcovado  (8:01)
(Antonio Carlos Jobim) arr. Joe Jackson
Paige Wroble, Vocal
Joe Jackson, Trombone
09 African Skies  (8:12)
(Michael Brecker) arr. Alan Baylock
Shawn Purcell, Guitar
Tedd Baker, Tenor Saxophone
10 Black Nile  (7:13)
(Wayne Shorter) arr. Ben Patterson
Jeff Martin, Trombone
Joe Jackson, Trombone
Ben Patterson, Trombone
11 Caso Perdido  (4:19)
(Luis Varona/Graciela Perez)
adapt. Tedd Baker
Paige Wroble, Vocal

[ Recorded November 2003, July 2004 ]