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  Guide Right Television Series  - 1953   (5:20)   (20 MB)
Filmed in NYC and broadcast over the Dumont Television Network.
Don Russell hosts
"The New Glenn Miller Air Force Band!"
1. Theme   (arr. Fred Kepner)
2. I Got Rhythm   (arr. George Roumanis)
Bill Duffy and Bill Cervantes (ts), Jimmy Odrich (p), Gene Estes (d)
3. A Good Man Is Hard To Find   (arr. Sammy Nestico)
Bruce Snyder (voc), assisted by Fred Kepner
Guide Right Television Series - 1953   (5:48)   (22 MB)
Filmed in NYC and broadcast over the Dumont Television Network.
Don Russell, Host.
1. Moonlight Serenade
Narrative tribute to Glenn Miller by Don Russell

2. Glenn Miller Medley   (arr. Sammy Nestico)
John Bova (tp)
Armed Forces Radio and Television - 1967   (1:56)   (7 MB)
Filmed in LA as part of a series of five minute TV programs for AFRTS.
Leader: Bob Bunton

1. Serenade In Blue   (arr. Sammy Nestico)
Scott Waller (tp), Dave Steinmeyer (tb), Jim Towsey (ts)
The Tonight Show - 1972    (10:30)   (40 MB)
NBC Studios, Hollywood, 9/7/1972, celebrating USAF 25th birthday.

1. Music In The Air  
(Theme, comp/arr. Chuck Sayre)
2. Do Have At It   (comp/arr. Paul Kondziela)
Dave Napier (bs), Ken Smukal and Dick Perry (tp), John Dodge (ts),
Rick Whitehead (g), Dave Palamar (d)
3. Superstar   (arr. Andy Capp)
Rick Whitehead (g), John Dodge (ts), Dave Palamar (d)
Thank you to Fred Kepner, Dave Steinmeyer, Bob Ware and Dave Napier.
Special thanks to Rich Mittelstadt.